Does your business have a problem with paving settlement or a cavity urgently needing to be filled ?

Our teams intervene immediately* to enable your industrial processes to continue entirely and safely.


You manage an industrial site and your business activity must not stop. Maintaining your targets and compliance with commitments to your customers are your main concerns.

SOLINJECTION offers you effective solutions to your soil movement and industrial paving problems.

Our team of technicians have experience working and operating on industrial sites.

We work with you to define a work performance schedule devised to limit disruption to your activities and reduce the movement of machines and merchandise, while at the same time ensuring the safety of your employees.

We can work with your consultants on operations to determine the causes of disorders.

*Intervention possible seven days a week, 24 hours a day

A technical solution adapted for different types of damage

  • Movement of industrial paving when material handling vehicles pass over it.
  • Settlement of paving
  • Presence of voids or cavities
  • Settlement of foundations
  • Settling roads and utility networks


The advantages of our solutions 




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