Raising paving

Paving is a concrete structure of large dimensions, cast in thin slabs possibly divided by joints.

It rests uniformly on its support, possibly with an interface. Paving may comprise a wear surface or be coated.

Pathologies requiring the raising of paving

Paving settlement is the most complex to treat. This may concern paving under which the foundation has settled either due to an initial load bearing fault (e.g., insufficiently compacted backfill) or which has suffered significant reduction in its load bearing capacity due to external factors:

  • Washout of the ground caused by leaks in water networks

  • Decompression of the ground following the development of underground voids

  • Deterioration in the characteristics of the soil following water ingress
  • Settlement due to passing vehicles (fork-lift trucks, etc.)

Settlement of paving inside a house

Purpose of the solution 

The purpose of the RENFORSLAB® is to raise the level of sunken paving.

RENFORSLAB® is a very effective solution for raising the level of sunken paving. It involves the injection of expansive resin in the interface between the settled paving and its foundation soil.

The resin expands filling this space and the paving is raised by the effect of expansion. If the diagnosis demonstrates stabilization of the foundation soil under the paving, the RENFORSLAB® solution may be used without work to reinforce the ground.

On the other hand, if the stabilization of the foundation soil is not ensured, it is essential to treat the foundation soil before work to raise the paving. The foundation soil’s load-bearing capacity is increased using the SOIL COMPACTING® solution.

Injection of resin to raise the paving


The case of industrial paving 

Implementing an injector on an industrial site

Industrial paving often comprises a number of slabs covering the ground surface. Industrial vehicles travelling to and fro in factories exert major loads and/or vibrations.

These are vertical movements concentrated on the joints between the different slabs that occur when the handling equipment passes over them.

We propose the RENFORJOINT® solution for treating problems associated with movement in the joints of industrial slabs.

The RENFORJOINT® solution was developed by SOLINJECTION to stabilize these movement phenomena in industrial slabs by injecting very high density, slightly or not at all expansive polyurethane foam.



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