Soil consolidation


A building or paving settles when its foundations are made from particularly compressible materials.

This may be due to supporting soil whose bearing strength has been inadequate from the outset as in the case of backfill. It may be due to ground that has been weakened accidentally, for example, following leakage of water into the soil or accidental decompression after uncontrolled settlement nearby. The settlement of the soil causes the building standing on it to settle. SOLINJECTION® techniques make it possible to consolidate this supporting soil with inadequate bearing strength. 

Pathologies requiring soil consolidation

  • Differential settlement of foundations or paved areas constructed on existing soil or backfill whose initial bearing strength is inadequate. 
  • Differential settlement of foundations or paved areas constructed on soil that has undergone a significant reduction in bearing capacity due to external factors:
    • Network leaks,
    • Soil decompression following the development of underground voids,
    • Soil decompaction caused by excavation nearby,
    • Etc.
  • Foreseeable settlement in the case of increased loads exerted by the structure (for example, change in operations or the purpose for which the building is used, modification of the foundation system).


Purpose of the solution

The SOIL COMPACTING® solution mainly addresses problems caused by soils with insufficient bearing capacity. It is comparable to the injection soil treatment methods covered by standard EN 12715.

The purpose of this solution is to improve the characteristics of the soil.


SOLINJECTION developed the  SOIL COMPACTING® solution to increase the bearing strength of foundations of paved areas and/or buildings.

SOIL COMPACTING®is appropriate for non-plastic soils as per GTR classification (A1,B,C,D).

We carry out bearing strength tests before and after injection to determine the improvements obtained.




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