The RENFORJOINT®solution was developed by SOLINJECTION® to stabilise movement phenomena of industrial paving. These are vertical movements concentrated on the joints between the different slabs that occur when handling equipment passes over them.


The RENFORJOINT® solution is used to eliminate the movement caused by rolling loads. It involves the injection of expansive or non-expansive resin specially designed for SOLINJECTION® under the surface of the paving in order to fill voids associated with lifting by differential removal of the concrete at the edges and corners. 

The depth of injection will depend on the thickness of the paving and depth of the voids underneath. The soil is not treated as part of this RENFORJOINT®solution. It is a question of filling the void between the foundation soil and the paving.

Repair in an industrial area

The drilling point grid is generally approximately 50 cm to 1m. Holes may be drilled in a staggered fashion either side of the joints to be treated.

The grid can be modified depending on the following parameters:

  • The nature of the paving and scale of the voids,
  • The extent to which the improvement is expected to be homogeneous.
  • The degree of improvement required.
Treatment of industrial paving in a warehouse
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